Our ground is just too precious to use that way

You  have to believe in the farm- that’s where the best values are

Not that Second Avenue, the other one. No, not that one either.

I remember when you heard the falls while standing at Shosone and Main

he paused, waiting for his partner, the land, to help him answer.”

I like knowing so many people and having them know me

They grow here just like beets- every year we get a new crop of rocks

Suddenly the water flooded Dierke’s orchard and they picked apples from boats for two years”

The exhilaration of nothing on the horizon but the horizon.

the Stricker place helps us understand who we are

And that was just one seed that was developed right here in Twin

First came the water.

Soil so thin it rolls out in front of you like water.

The first question you ask here is ‘How much water will that take?’

Let them seek their happiness and Welfare in that of all.

B. Young

 In that much emptiness people have the dignity of rareness and must do much of what they do without help.

The Bonneville Flood: fifteen million cubic feet of water per second

And then with a thundering sound, casting up a volume of spray that hung in the air like silver mist.  1833

A melancholy and strange looking country- of fracture, violence, and fire.  1843

Pah-chu-lak-a “Gift of the Great Spirit”  Neme word for the falls

Heat excessive. I thought the heavens over us were brass, and the earth iron under our feet. So swarmed with mosquitoes... Marcissa Whitman 1846

The freedom to be our best, that’s the western mind

I remember the sound of bean blades being sharpened late into the night

They bring the real family values, and we could all learn from that

Hard-scrabble, hard rock, individualism; the can do attitude

They built that business into what a family business should be

He has two years worth of dried beans and no one wants to buy them.

The smell of hard rain on hot rocks

Our history is our self reliance

Making the most advantage out of the least resource

The ideal place for the vital young man to make a fresh and successful start... 1905

We took the worst chunk of the Oregon trail and turned it into rich farmland.’

That year you could walk on dead frozen cattle from Twin to Salt Lake. 1890

The higher the sagebrush the richer the soil’

Our self reliance is in the water.

The early farmers had the freedom of decisions and consequences.

Something about having your hands in the dirt, and smelling it

Carving a unique oasis, a river burdened by its responsibilities.

Burnt and barren prairies and rocky country, a dismal desert of cheerless

wastes and  vast tracts, and must forever remain an irreclaimable wilderness.” 1823

Sure, we just put the dishes in a wash tub and carried them from house to house at threshing time,

...today announced the opening of the Magic Valley Cello Studio 2000

iI you give to the community it will give back to you

As moonlight unto sunlight is that desert sage to other greens

We don't know who shot the bullet through the window- but that's how tense development issues are here.

It may sound strange, but I moved here because of the smell of that freshly cut hay.

Twin Falls had a school house before it had a saloon.

The horse came crashing through the new plate window.  Neither the customer nor the barber moved an inch 1906

He made baked beans, and these were sold to raise funds for the library. 1909

Twins they are in age and size and beauty, tumbling joyously, side by side in their wild play 1890

Where the river drags the willows,

that was my flute you heard

Shosone song

The serpents squeeze caused the stones to melt. Fire came from the cracks, and that's what made Craters of the Moon. Shoshone myth

It sprang up in a little good dirt just north of nowhere

When the farmers are doing badly, everyone is doing badly

It all started with a prove-up shack and a path. If you were lucky, a floor.

we have a community that will help you raise your children

We’ve gone from 98% agricultural to 2%

Before the jail prisoners were kept in a cave in the wall of Rock Creek

I remember thinking that if you picked rocks that would be the end of them

She will in turn call one of the following people to activate the prayer chain

A prospector brought the first cat from Arizona. It was passed from family to family to get rid of the mice. 1890’s

A few venturesome farmers decided to take a gamble and started a new industry: dry beans.

the grubbing hoe

“He has the water” excused a man from everything: church, funerals, births

I have decided to offer my Shoshone Falls holdings to the Town as a Christmas gift...shall be forever held for a park  1932

First inhabited by risk takers and nurtured by sweat equity

We want our young people to stay and we don't know how to keep them

“Ah-hi-e, ah-hi-e”: I am much pleased, I am much rejoiced” Shoshone

5/8 “ to the acre, 1 cubic foot per second

The roar of the water is stilled: 11am, March 3, 1905

The scent of new mown hay; seeing pheasants fly up in front of the sickle bar

in ‘32 an unfair creditor foreclosed on a farmer and we bought everything and gave it back to him.

 we cried, ..nothing but sagebrush and dust, so foreign to our Japanese eyes’

Men who can carve fortune from circumstance

On the day of the land drawing numbered cubes are drawn by a child, one by one 1904

What this volcanic ash can do with potatoes, it will one day do with sugar beets 1910

Irrigation and litigation are the same word 1904

Water’s in! Water’s in!

the opportunity to combine abundant natural resources with simple hard work

when the river was owned by the salmon, we had fish. When the people own it, we have farms. That’s the way it is.

500 men waited to assemble promptly at 9:30, Friday, Dec 18, for the great rabbit drive. Shot guns only. Ladies are cordially invited. Free lunch.

Your friendships come from the water: who has it, who needs it, whose up or down.

Two violinists and a coronet player provided music for twenty-five ladies and 150 men at a dance April 1903

Sarvation is never more than a bad crop or a foolish indulgence away Simplot TN

Night and day the canal work goes on- the everlasting boom of the blasts, the klick klack of the drills and the singing of the hoists and cables 1903

Sixty-six republicans, seventeen democrats, seven socialists, and one Prohibitionist. Vote count election day 1904

After turning a somersault, he landed on his feet as he hit the water, only slightly wounding his leg  a jump from the falls 1905

Once they had swallowed a peck of dust and worn out one pair of shoes they would be all right 1905

Idaho is covered with the cutest little trees, all of the same height. It will be perfectly beautiful when they grow up. Tourist 1905

The pure water ticket wins most seats in city election April 1915

Proprietor of Thomas Edison's first and only battery-powered railroad,

Smooth, clear-skinned, firm, of excellent flavor, and when dry come out of the ground as clean as if washed

CSI is the best thing that has happened to Twin falls since they turned on the water.

Living with all of this difference forces us to be tolerant.

That bridge is one of the greatest pieces of sculpture, and its ours.

By whose effort and vision the mighty waters of the snake were lifted, and the desert made to bloom as the rose.

Those golf courses were Indian encampment grounds.

In the first twelve hours, 1,800 people in six hundred cars crossed the highest bridge in the world. Sept 15, 1927

Perrine and Burtoin ship out the first carload of potatoes from the Twin Falls tract. August 1906

He's a good farmer and he had a little luck.

Those days, when the immigrant was almost a curiosity, when he gradually discarded his mask and became a westerner

A post office every six miles, a school every eight.

One bottom two way, two bottom, one way

Without the hard work the water would have meant nothing.

The sage brush comes from overgrazing the natural wheat grass fields.